"CLAP will be the refined and re-defined way of upskilling for youth and early professionals!"

Refine: CLAP will be positioned as a top notch learning centre for Entrepreneurial intelligence through the refined content, delivery mechanism and practice. The model refines the knowledge acquisition mechanism through active discovery model where the student will be an active participant in the process rather than a class – room listener.

Re – define: CLAP re –define the way students learn new skills and plan their future career and courses is being delivered through various interventions. We re – define the way the students unleash their true potential’. We re-define the way employability is enhanced in an individual.


"CLAP is committed to create self-reliant professionals who are focused, achievement motivated and value oriented. Each word in the mission reflects the passion which drives CLAP. The words are kept with a focus to achieve through process orientation."

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