What is Career Mapping?

Career Mapping is a scientific process designed to help the students to know their suitable higher education options and career path. Their career potential is identified through an artificial intelligence enabled, 20 minute simple Test. This Career Mapping Test helps the students to plan their higher education and career through a research based scientific process.

My Skill Audit Career Mapping - Uniqueness and Benefits

First of its kind personalized video based Career Mapping Report which is simple and easy to understand!

Provides information about the available and appropriate higher education options and career paths after scientifically evaluating your career potential attributes.

Report is prepared with the help of an advanced artificial intelligence system, and is presented in an interesting video format. It helps you to make higher education decisions without any third person’s support.

The Career Mapping Test and Report are available in Hindi, English and other regional languages.

My Skill Audit’s Career Mapping Test is the only world record holding Career Mapping Test.

Success Stories

Listen to our students and parents who took right Higher Education and Career Decisions using our award winning Career Mapping Test

Sample Report

Why Should a teenager do Career Mapping?

Most teenagers are confused about which course to choose when it comes to their higher education and career. 75% of teenagers are not even aware of their true career potential. Since they don’t know their right career path, they face difficulties in their future.

Career Mapping Process helps teenagers in finding market opportunities present for them according to their career potential. This way, this personalized scientific evaluation helps them to make the right decision about their higher education and career fields in which they can excel.

Who should do My SKill Audit’s Career Mapping Test?

Perform your Career Mapping Test if you are studying in High School, Higher Secondary / 10+1, 10+2. When you plan your higher education in advance it makes it easier for you to navigate your way through your career path. It allows future orientation, helps you to set your goal and create an action plan!

Why should a teenager do Career Mapping?

72% - 75% percentage of our teenagers are confused about their Higher Education and Career path.

85% of our teenagers choose their higher education for seeking social acceptance.

They choose courses according to the courses chosen by their friends
They choose courses based on the advice they receive from their parents and relatives

70% of teenagers fail to opt courses which are suitable to their passion and career potential.

Higher Education and Career should never be taken as a random choice as it is the most important decision of our child’s life. It becomes quite important for a child to take the Career Mapping Test so that it can help him / her to make the right decision about his/her higher education and career!

CLAP My Skill Audit - The First and Only World Record Holding Organization in Career Mapping

We are the first and only world record holding company in Career Mapping & counseling. More than 1,00,000 students have been successful in making the right decision about their higher education and chose their right career path with the help of our world record holding Career Mapping Test.

We are on a mission to help 1 million students to help them identify their true career potential and also to help them choose their right higher education and career path! This will help them to kick start their career by choice!

So, give your child this valuable gift of Career Mapping Test and let them choose their higher education and career path, wisely and scientifically.