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Career Mapping Test

A successful career is made by those who take informed decision, and of course 'knowing self' is the key. Your interests, values,dominant career potential attributes can help you to kick start the career of your choice, where you can excel! Career Mapping Test is the Gen 4.0 Career Mapping Tool enabled with Artificial Intelligence. This unique AI enabled Career Mapping Tool is an output of continuous research by a team of professionals, research scholars, psychologists and behavioural scientists from CLAP for a period of five years. During this period, over 1,00,000 students were provided with personal career counselling support and 1,30,000 students have taken the assessment, and of course that's why we are the only one to bag a world record title in career mapping. This amazing tool will take you through a "Self Active Discovery Process" with multiple validation. Your personalized career mapping report will be ready to view immediately after the test. Choose your race!

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Management Potential Assessment Test(MPAT)

The world is transforming from competition to collaboration with an orientation towards industry 4.0. The employees require a specific set of skill sets. The in-depth study of employability 4.0 attributes for a successful employee has revealed 35 essential attributes under 7 most required potential for a performing and contributing employee. An employee in any organization requires these management potential, might be in varying degrees to perform his task. The assessment is suitable for graduate, post graduate, job seekers and working professionals to understand their Employment Potential, self skill audit and plan for their upskilling. Organizations can avail corporate log in to perform organizational skill audit and Pre-Post Training Need analysis

Reverse Mentoring for Parents

If you feel your teenage child need to focus more and to be mentored for a better career decision, the best person to do the same is none other than ‘YOU’. This tool comes with 25 questions worksheet which need to be worked with your child. Teenage is a very challenging process for the child and therefore, they need you the most.

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Brain Lateralization Personality Orientation Assessment (BLPOA)

Learn about your personality orientation, strength, weakness and more! Most importantly learn how to enhance the collaboration and communication between both the hemispheres of brain to make you a highly competitive professional!

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Corporate Training

Dynamic Outbound Training (DOT)

This is an action packed learning experience which follows the principles of experiential learning methodologies.

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LEAD Programme

Leadership Enhancement and Active Discovery Programme. The much sought after programme amongst corporates...

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Organizational Citizenship workshop

This is a facilitator lead multi interactive workshop based on cognitive learning model, where the participants are taken through various scenario ...

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ASQ − Ask Stupid Question!!

This internationally acclaimed programme focusses on being innovative. Being innovative is a way of organizational life, whether it's a process or a product.

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ASH for Managers

Attitude − Skills − Habits for Managers This is for the newly inducted employees to develop the right Attitude − Skills − Habits....

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MoM − Market Over Mars

One of the most appreciated programme for Sales and marketing professionals. This is to improve the Selling Skills, Negotiation Skills etc...

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